Night in Wanchai 灣仔之夜

hong kong, Night, nighttime, street, Wanchai, 之夜, 灣仔, 街, 香港

The children are asleep
Our police are out
The streets are clean
It's our softwares that are dirty
Creepy are the flashing lights
Not the dark
It has been a while that our city is fine
We just have to sever our mobility
Train stations, ports, airports, and internet, so we can keep our morals
Pure and Authentic 
Away from the spiritual bulldozers from the north, south, east, and especially west            
The venomous milk we were forced to drink
The poisonous weeds we were trained to consume
We have to be breeding and raising our own cattle and vegetables, for the sake of prosperity
Before our children awake.



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