Hong Kong Dai Pai Dong 香港大牌檔

Hong Kong, Dai Pai Dong,  restaurant, open air, food stall, 香港, 大牌檔

Where can you run to if corporations fail you        
The ones that care for the children and provide air conditioning for the old


Chinese Bone Setter Clinic Window Display 跌打館

Chinese, Bone Setter, Clinic, Window Display, 跌打館, 窗, traditional chinese medicine, bone healer, hong kong, 香港, 中藥, 醫生, 跌打

The heavens are dark                   
But I'm not afraid of the vultures covering the sky cause there's a scarecrow
Nor death
Because the lame plastic skeletons we have everywhere are not even real bones
Plastic can kill though
Its fumes, toxic chemicals, greedy science, etc.
All we have to do is to get the skeleton manufacturers to start using real bones      
But too late
Maybe because of plastic, there isn't enough calcium in modern bones anymore
There is not enough structure in death anymore
Nowadays, even death can't stand up 
Even death needs to be manufactured.