Hong Kong Bakery Biscuits 香港餅店餅乾

Hong Kong, Bakery, Biscuits,  香港, 餅店, 餅乾

These day, the world is governed by numbers
Dictated by statistics, figures, and digits
Amnesia is $64 or $67 HKD a catty depending on where you shop           
Inspiration and anger is $71 HKD per ounce
The end and/or beginning is $47 HKD a gallon
And happiness seems to be anything lower than $97 HKD a pound
Just remember when the interest rates are up or down, you should be interested
And when the economy is bad or good, you should be economical
Finally when your investment portfolio becomes weak, you can consider eating money, pegged to the Martian dollar of course.



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