We are the team (of 2 and a half!) behind the Chinese food recipe blog The Hong Kong Cookery.  When we're not raiding our local wet food markets and cooking yummilicious traditional chinese food, we can often be found wandering about our lovely chaotic city of Hong Kong 'cuz there's always so much to see and wonder at!  We thought that you might enjoy it too so we're posting our own original photos and poems, sharing our personal view of life in this crazy place called Hong Kong. 

We hope that you like our blog and that we can bring the essence of this ephemeral city closer to you!

This is me, sleeping on the job.

I am an architect, designer, children's book writer and illustrator.  My other (better) half is a filmmaker and an artist.

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  1. Hi thebeautifulfaith - Thanks for your lovely comment! We're happy to have touched you with our poems and our cooking. I agree that we need to hold on to those beautiful old things as much as we can! ~ellen

  2. Woa I'm feel so lucky to have stumbled on this blog (and the sister cooking blog). Everything here just sort of evokes nostalgic memories that I didn't even realize i have since I've never lived in HK, but my father grew up there so some parts of culture are probably just so deeply rooted inside of me.

    1. I wonder if that's possible, that memories could somehow be genetically passed on. I have also sometimes thought that I had memories or feelings of familiarity for things that were part of my parent's life and not mine.