Hong Kong Community Center Corner 香港社區中心角落

Corner, hong kong, community center, 角落, 香港, 社區中心

How should we respect inanimate objects that are rich with life
The corners of neglect
Where everything exists for a reason intentionally or not
A humble physical reality where spaces are not conscious but meaningful,
the exact opposite of pretentious installation art, conscious but meaningless
The soul of a janitor versus an artsy institution proud to be stuck as part of a system that requires the real clean up
Where bull feces are dialogue and garbages are never dumped 
The masses have moved on but the vested interest of a few have become invisible dogma beneficial to none.
It is time to burn the oppression glorified moronically as the one.
Let our children sing and think, free from the so called educated,the albino chimps eating bananas on a broomstick.



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