Hong Kong Ruins 香港廢墟

hong kong, democracy, Ruins, 廢墟, 香港, umbrella revolution, occupy hong kong, occupy central

The whole world is afraid
We're not

When the smoke clears
Pavement drips with tears
Thunder drowns the lightning
Black t-shirts dance with the stars
Scars in wet towels hides with the face masks
Raining sprays with pepper sliding on umbrellas
Our brothers and sisters sing the song of tomorrow
For our children
Crazy children kill poison insects     
But they do not know what poison really is

Our enemy is capital
But money is what we need
We'll grow
Hope is that the river of peace flows
Without the blood
With guts
We shall learn
To walk down the stage

Along with the gods
To allow us some answers
Some vague notion of freedom
The franchise of happiness
We shall find out
The possibility of coexistence
Let's not mess things up
When nobody really cares
Who are the heroes
When everyone is dead
What is democracy
When you're the only soul on the planet
Forget love,it's only a word

The whole world is afraid
We are not.


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